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Otto Syre SJ

Otto Syré

published on November 30th 2005
last changes on October 2nd 2014
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† Otto Syré SJ
Born on March 9th 1913 in Münster/Westf.
1933 final examination at the municipal secondary school Münster
then two terms theology at the Borromäum Münster
entered on April 25th 1934 the noviciate in s'-Heerenberg
studied philosophy 1936-40 in Pullach
was secretary of the provincial during his interstice 1940-41 in Cologne
studied theology 1940-41 in Sankt Georgen, Frankfurt
1945-47 in Pullach, and 1947-48 in Münster
was ordained priest on November 9th 1942 in Mainz

Activities in the order:
from 1943 chaplan in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen and Oberad
from 1948 socius magistri in Eringerfeld
from September 1949 superior in Saarlouis
from April 16th 1952 socius of the provincial Junk in Cologne
from September 8th 1955 superior in Hannover - lectures for priests,
pastoral care for converts, retreats, service in the parlour office
from September 14th 1959 superior in Dortmund
from September 3rd 1965 superior in Cologne, Canisiushaus
from August 26th 1971 superior in Coblenz
from Juni 20th 1972 care for jesuits who led a solitary life (i.e. did not live in a community)
from April 10th 1977 'minister' in Trier, pastoral care for priests and confessional
in January 1981 he was relieved as minister
and cares till June 1988 for the Prayer Apostolate
from Juli 18th 1982 superior in Trier
from 29.6.1988 to 27.4.1992 rector in Haus Sentmaring/Münster
from 2002 in
Caritas-Altenzentrum Köln-Mülheim
where he died on 29 October 2008.