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September 4th 1523 - St Ignatius In Jerusalem

On July 14th 1523 the 'Negrona' weighed the anchors in Venice to sail to Palestine. Despite of high fever Iņigo went on board. The physician had said to him, if he wanted to be buried on the open sea, he should leave. But Iņigo let himself not discourage by that. The twenty one pilgrims on the ship reached the Holy Land, and entered through the Jaffa door Jerusalem - silently and praying.

At that time all Holy Land pilgrims were subordinated to the church jurisdiction of the Franciscans, to whom since 1342 the Holy Land was entrusted. The Franciscans gave accommodation to the pilgrims and arranged a visiting program for them.

During his stay in Palestine Iņigo was indescribably happy, as he told his friend Peter Faber. He would have preferably stayed in the Holy Land, but the circumstances were stronger than Iņigo's good will. In spite of the papal safe-conduct the Franciscans did not permit it, and threatened even with excommunication. Iņigo accepted that decision. It was certainly not easy for him, because before his eyes lay the mysteries of Jesus' life and passion.

The voyage back was very stormy. In the middle of January 1524 he arrived in Venice again. For two weeks he was guest of Andrea Lippomani, a Basque compatriot, Prior of the Teutonic Order of Knights. From Venice he went over Genova to Barcelona, to dedicate himself, despite his age of thirty three, to the study; in the opinion that he would only so be able to help the souls.


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